The Plant Nursery

The plant nursery GRYLLIS WATER LILIES emerged from the desire of landscape architect and agriculturalist Giannis Gryllis to address the lack of availability of a large variety of plants in Greece, by testing the adaptability of many species to the Greek conditions. His great love for plants propelled him to explore a growing number of plant groups which could be useful in Greece. As a result, the nursery possesses a large variety of plants including Mediterranean, aquatic, cacti/succulents, ornamental grasses, perennial herbaceous, plants for shade, tropical/exotic plants and many more. Our main concern in our production is to cultivate durable plants which do not need constant replacement due to natural and phyto-pathological causes.

Our plant nursery is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this year and has been loved by the biggest landscape architects and plant lovers of the country. Here, they can find more than 1,500 new types of plants and the necessary technical knowledge which will allow them to create unique landscapes and complete ecosystems.


Our nursery is located in the Vranas area of Marathon, close to the archaeological museum, the monastery of St George Vranas and the location of the villa of Herodus Atticus. It is in an especially active agricultural area in a “valley’ between Mount Kotroni and the foothills of Dionysos of Pendeli mountain to the East and West, whereas from the North it is open offering a light beneficial breeze in the summer months and cold winds in the winter. It is comprised of 27 acres, almost all flat with a slight incline and includes a small slope to the East.  When the land was bought by the family in 2011, it included a small farming house/ storage area and some fruit trees.  After that, the park and nursery were slowly and freely formed in stages through a general plan for the spaces, functionalities and principles. We have thankfully passed through all the difficult and adverse conditions that Greece and the planet in general have been going through with a lot of love and hoping that we will also be able through our work to improve whatever is possible in the area of nature and humans. The space is comprised of the production area and the visitable thematic park.


The Park

The creation of an educational botanical park in Marathon is underway with the objective of informing and sensitizing the public to ecosystems and their fragile balance. The role and possibility of humans to support ecosystems and biodiversity given the climate change are presented in practice and experientially with the use of all the new technologies which are developed and presented in the space. Participation in research programs, ecological practices and holistic methods of development of wellbeing, constantly improve the knowledge and dynamic of the park which are transmitted to its visitors!!!


The eshop

We have started the operation of our eshop www.exclusivebotanicals.gr which is the means through which anybody within and outside Greece (in the future) will be able to learn valid information and acquire the plants from our production.

Our electronic media are not static: they develop and new species and information are added capturing our own progress in this beautiful trip into the world of plants. A trip which we would like to share together and help you make your own by offering ideas, information and of course plants!!!

Although the source of the plants is the same, our nursery GRYLLIS WATER LILIES and the role and management of the e-shop EXCLUSIVE BOTANICALS are different.


The eshop:

  • selects whatever is best in that particular season and recommends it
  •         makes promotions and offers of products
  •         creates promotions and events
  •         above all ensures the safe delivery of plants wherever you are

That means that it functions separately from the rest of the nursery and park.  It is an autonomous electronic store which behaves and adjusts to the market conditions with its own price policy and with the objective of operating smoothly and offering the best service to its customers, you! Besides the plants which you may see at any time from our platform you may also request any plant which you may see from our main website www.grylliswaterlilies.gr or which may exist in our nursery and is not uploaded on our two websites.


A few words about the inspirer and coordinator of the project:




Giannis started out from a young age with the creation of botanical collections, the production of plants and the creation of gardens. As a result, his first degree in Agronomy was predetermined and his graduate degrees in Landscape Architecture and Floriculture completed the puzzle of scientific education. Through books he travelled to gardens all over the world, and later by creating the gardens he became devoted to the world of plants and gardens. In the process of creation, he realized the lack of a large diversity of plants in Greece. As a result, he decided to try the adaptability of many plants to the Greek conditions, an endless effort which led to the creation of the GRYLLIS WATER LILIES plant nursery.


Besides his plant production activities, Giannis has undertaken as a landscape architect a large number of projects in Greece and abroad with various themes and ecosystems.  As a specialist in pond and biopools construction, he has advised and shared his knowledge with many people who wish to realize their dreams. At the nursery, he has welcomed student groups from various educational institutes of the country. Every year, he participates in the Kifissia Flower Show where last year he also curated the Dutch garden. He is Vice President of the Mediterranean Garden Society.

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